As a Business, You Can’t Afford to Buy Hand Sanitizer on Amazon

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Not so long ago, hand sanitizer was something only a small number of businesses used, mostly medical facilities and some restaurants. But today, almost every business provides hand sanitizer to employees and customers. It makes a lot of sense, in a post-Covid world.

But, your customers and staff can go through a lot of hand sanitizer in a very short time. If you’re giving it away, your business can’t afford to pay regular retail prices on Amazon.

The Foremost New England Commercial Hand Sanitizer Supplier

That’s why many businesses are turning to Purafier for their hand sanitizer. We’re the foremost commercial hand sanitizer supplier in New England. We don’t import our hand sanitizer from India or China. We make it right here in Brockton, Massachusetts.hand sanitizer manufacturer

As commercial hand sanitizer suppliers, we manufacture our sanitizer to the very highest standards. With 75% isopropyl alcohol, our hand sanitizer exceeds the standards of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Purafier hand sanitizer contains no fragrances, dyes, or gels. This is important, because it means our hand sanitizer dries quickly and easily when you rub your hands. Nothing’s worse than wet, sticky hand sanitizers that take forever to dry, especially when you need to get to work, or want to get on with your shopping. 

It might be tempting to turn to Amazon because of their “fast, free” shipping, but the truth is, you pay for those freebies with higher prices. So, if you need a commercial hand sanitizer supplier, give Purafier a try. 

No matter how much hand sanitizer you need for your business, we can ship it out to you within 48 hours. Not only do you get the lowest price available, we’re also offering free delivery for a limited time. It’s the perfect time to stock up, as we approach the winter season.

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