At Purafier We Can Ship Your Hand Sanitizer Order Within 24 Working Hours

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If you are looking for hand sanitizer suppliers in Connecticut for your business, you are not alone. So is just about everybody else. Demand has shot through the roof as an obvious result of the pandemic.

At Purafier, we are based in Brockton, Massachusetts, and we are manufacturers of hand sanitizer, so we are only too well-aware of the demand. Let’s be honest, up until recently how many people have had a bottle of hand sanitizer in their home? Not many. After all, when you have been out in the yard doing the gardening, for example, sure you get your hands dirty, but you’d just come in and wash them with soap and water under the tap. Suddenly, everyone and his dog now wants sanitizer.

It is not just families who are dramatically fueling the demand, either. Many businesses such as restaurants, bars, hotels, casinos, and so on, all used to insist that their employees keep their hands clean with regular washing in soap and water, obviously, but suddenly they too are switching to hand sanitizer as they gradually re-open for business. That is why finding Connecticut hand sanitizer suppliers has become so difficult in the last few weeks.

We Have Been Working Flat Out

As manufacturers, at Purafier we have been working flat out in order to try to keep up with demand and we are pleased to be able to tell you that at present we have sufficient stocks to supply our customers. In fact, at present we can ship your order within 24 working hours. We are proud to be able to advise you that Purafier hand sanitizer is fully compliant with the strict demands of the World health Organization and that the alcohol content of our sanitizer actually exceeds the CDC’s recommended level of 70% because ours is at 75%.Connecticut Hand Sanitizer Supplier

All you need to do is to spray some into your palm and rub vigorously until it’s dry – there is no sticky gel that you get with some hand sanitizers, and there are no added dyes or fragrance either.

If you are looking or Connecticut hand sanitizer suppliers, then we can help you. One very big advantage of buying direct from us rather than retail – assuming that you could find any shops in Connecticut that have got any supplies – is that we will supply you at wholesale prices. Whether you want to order one case or a dozen, they will be a lot less than retail prices, and since they can simply be stored until required all you need is somewhere to keep them. That way, you can be sure that you have supplies when you require them as your business re-opens. We will also supply individuals too – you don’t have to be a business.

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