Buying Hand Sanitizer Is Not Just About Price: You Need Reliability

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Until the arrival of Covid-19 most businesses did not use hand sanitizer. Yes, of course, doctors’ and dentists’ offices did, and so did hospitals, but few other businesses used it. Even in food processing - restaurant kitchens, bars, and so on - the staff were only required to wash their hands regularly, but very few used sanitizer.hand sanitizer

Of course, today all that has changed. Hand sanitizer is everywhere. When you go into the opticians to have your eyes checked, you are required to use hand sanitizer. Many bars have hand sanitizer stations at the entrance, as do restaurants. You go into the grocery store and they have sanitizer at the entrance as well.

If you run a business yourself, then you probably want to use sanitizer in order to keep your staff and customers safe. No doubt you are looking for wholesale hand sanitizer in New England, because when you are using it in bulk as many businesses do now you can’t afford to pay retail prices for it. However, believe it or not, buying hand sanitizer in New England is not just about the price.

Far more important is to find a reliable supplier who will always be able to complete your order so that you never find yourself running short.

This is the reason that so many people come to us at Purafier for their hand sanitizer, because we are not retailers. We are not even simply wholesalers. We are the actual manufacturers of hand sanitizer in New England, and as you can imagine, over the last few months we have been kept very busy.

Working Around The Clock as New England's Top Hand Sanitizer Supplier

Indeed, we have been working around the clock in order to ensure that our customers – and we have many times the number of customers that we did even six months ago – do not run short. We have had to expand our manufacturing processes so that we are certain that we can always keep up with demand. Indeed, we guarantee to ship your order within 24 working hours.

At Purafier, our hand sanitizer is manufactured to WHO standards, and in fact exceeds them in the respect that it contains 75% isopropyl alcohol which is more than the minimum requirement. There are no added dyes or fragrances. Another very big advantage is that our hand sanitizer is quick-drying – there are no sticky gels which take forever to wipe dry. Furthermore, Purafier hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of all known germs.

So if you are looking for reliable wholesale hand sanitizer in New England, then click on the Products link at the bottom of the page and then simply click on your preferred size. We are also offering free shipping at the moment.

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