If You Need Hand Sanitizer for Your Rhode Island Business, We Supply Wholesale

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With a population of just over 1 million, Rhode Island has a lot of medical offices – doctors, dentists, opticians, osteopaths, and even health spas, and so on – and all of them need hand sanitizer.

 On top of that, many other businesses such as hair salons, grocery stores, hardware shops, convenience stores, butcher, bakers, and many more, are also offering hand sanitizer to their customers as well as their staff. It makes a lot of sense in this age of Covid-19, but of course it is just another overhead if you run a business. After all, you can hardly start charging customers for it!  Rhode Island hand sanitizer manufacturer

 This is why so many of these businesses who need bulk hand sanitizer in Rhode Island are turning to us at Purafier. We are a local business right here in Massachusetts, serving the whole of New England and we are the actual manufacturers of hand sanitizer, not just wholesalers buying it in from China or India. That means that we can supply you with bulk hand sanitizer in Rhode Island at absolutely rock-bottom prices – less than you will pay elsewhere. Not only that, when you buy your hand sanitizer from us you are supporting a local business as well, so we are both helping each other. 

It Protects Both Your Customers And Employees

It makes sense to provide free hand sanitizer to your customers because you are protecting not only your customers but your employees at the same time. We are a best in class hand sanitizer manufacturer and our sanitizer not only meets World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention standards, but actually exceeds them. That is because our sanitizer contains no less than 75% isopropyl alcohol.

However, what our hand sanitizer does not contain is any added fragrances, dyes, and gels. A hand sanitizer that contains gels can take a very long time to rub dry on the hands. In fact, some hand sanitizers can take up to a minute and a half of rubbing the hands in order to get them dry enough to start shopping and picking up goods. There are no gels in Purafier hand sanitizer which means that it is quick and easy to dry the hands.

If you run a restaurant and need bulk hand sanitizer in Rhode Island, we can supply you. Restaurants are big user of hand sanitizer, not just for customers but for staff as well. It is obviously critical to keep hands clean at all times when handling foods and drink. We can ship your order within two working days, and at present we are also offering free shipping for a limited time, so now is the time to stock up. 

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