If You Need Hand Sanitizer, Purafier Is a Massachusetts Manufacturer

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Many people believe that manufacturing in Massachusetts is dead. Well, they need to think again. Massachusetts actually has quite a lot of high-tech manufacturing companies, and at Purifier we should know because we are one of them.

Yes, when you are looking for a hand sanitizer manufacturer in Massachusetts, we are right here in Brockton, and from here we supply the whole of New England with our state-of-the-art hand sanitizer which not only conforms to World Health Organization standards but actually exceeds them!

 If you run any sort of business, other than doctors or dentists, or other healthcare businesses, it is very likely that you have never felt the need for hand sanitizer. Even restaurants and other food outlets like takeaways rarely used hand sanitizer. However, today, it is a virtual essential for any business in order to keep both staff and customers as safe as possible.

Just Another Overhead

Furthermore, as a business owner, it has become just another overhead. You can’t make a profit on hand sanitizer and yet you need to be able to provide it. Buying it at retail prices makes no sense because if it is an overhead you need to keep the cost to a minimum.

Furthermore, you can’t buy hand sanitizer in many retail stores anyway, because they keep running out. So for both these reasons it only makes sense to buy direct from the foremost hand sanitizer manufacturer in Massachusetts which is us, at Purifier.

As you can imagine, when Covid-19 struck, we were suddenly flooded with orders, and that meant that we had to ramp up our manufacturing process considerably in order to keep up with demand. But ramp it up we did, and we can now supply you with whatever you need in the way of hand sanitizer. We guarantee to ship within 24 working hours of your order, and we are also presently providing free shipping to all customers, which helps to keep your overheads down.

As we said, our hand sanitizer actually exceeds WHO standards because it contains no less than 75% isopropyl alcohol which is more than the required amount. It doesn’t contain any unnecessary coloring or fragrances and it is quick-drying because it contains none of those sticky gels. The latter is very important because it means that users don’t get frustrated trying to wipe their hands dry. Perhaps most importantly, it kills 99.9% of all known germs stone dead.  

So if you are looking for the best hand sanitizer manufacturer in Massachusetts, you now know where to come. We don’t just supply Massachusetts customers, either. We supply to the whole of New England so can take care of your needs wherever you are.

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