If You Need Hand Sanitizer, Purafier Can Supply at Wholesale Prices

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Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the demand for hand sanitizer in Massachusetts has gone sky high. Unfortunately, so have the prices. Worse still, even though retailers have been raising price so much higher, the simple fact is that it is still very difficult to find any hand sanitizer at all anywhere in New England.

This is because as the pandemic eases, many businesses are starting to re-open and places like restaurants, bars, food stores, and so on, all need to ensure that their staff have perfectly clean hands when working. That makes perfect sense, but it means that as soon as a retail store gets a delivery it disappears out of the door like lightning, whatever sort of price they choose to charge.Wholesalers of Hand Sanitizer in Massachusetts

In addition, many businesses that needed staff to have clean hands when working simply used to insist on them washing their hand with soap and water on a frequent basis. However, those same businesses have now switched to using hand sanitizer, only to discover that it is very difficult to find. Even if they do manage to find some, they are going to have to pay inflated prices.

We Are a Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer

However, at Purafier, we are actual manufacturers of hand sanitizer. We are based in Brockton and we can supply you with wholesale hand sanitizer in Massachusetts. That’s right! Wholesale prices!

We have been working around the clock for the last few months in order to keep production at the maximum, but we are still supplying wholesale hand sanitizer in Massachusetts because we don’t believe it is right to take advantage. Furthermore, we have our hand sanitizer in stock right now and we can ship within 48 hours of your order. You don’t have to be a business, either. If you are an individual or family and want to order a single case, we will be happy to supply you. That way you can keep your family and friends safe without paying inflated prices – even if you could find any in a retail store at the moment anyway.

Purafier’s hand sanitizer actually exceeds the CDC’s recommended alcohol level because it is at 75% rather than the lower CDC figure. Our powerful formula is also quick drying and meets the standards of the World Health Organization. Just spray some into the palm of your hand and rub briskly until dry. What could be simpler?       

To order wholesale hand sanitizer in Massachusetts simply click on the Cart link at the top of the page and choose a quantity of 12 x 4oz bottles or, if you want to save even more money, a quantity of 12 x 8oz bottles. We will ship your order within 24 working hours.


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