If You’re Giving Hand Sanitizer Away, You Need to Buy at Wholesale

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If you’re a New England business that needs commercial hand sanitizer – and most do – you need to buy it for as little as possible. You definitely don’t want to charge your staff and customers to use it, so you need to buy at wholesale prices.

Fortunately, stores are fully stocked with hand sanitizer these days, unlike the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, you’ll pay a premium price with a hefty markup, and get far less for your money than you would have a year ago.commercial hand sanitizer

Another option for commercial hand sanitizer

If you’d prefer not to pay those premium prices, you have a better option: Purifier commercial hand sanitizer, made right here in New England. While we sell our hand sanitizer at retail prices to consumers and businesses who only need small quantities, we also offer wholesale prices to those with a greater need.

If you’re offering hand sanitizer to your staff and every customer that comes to your premises you’ll go through a lot of it very quickly. This is especially true for retail operations which have customers coming through the door all day. With Purafier, you can reduce your costs while still getting the highest-quality hand sanitizer.

Premium quality at a rock bottom price

All hand sanitizers are not the same. Some contain added dyes and fragrances, or worse, a sticky gel. Purifier is dye- and fragrance-free and contains no gel. That’s critical, because hand sanitizers with gel can take up to 90 seconds to dry. You’ll end up with customers crowding the entrance to your store, rubbing away at their hands before they can grab a cart or basket and start shopping. Purifier’s quick-drying formula lets your customers start shopping right away.

But Purafier isn’t just inexpensive and convenient to use. It’s manufactured to World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control standards. In fact, it contains no less than 75% isopropyl alcohol, so it actually exceeds them.

Winter’s coming, so why wait? Purafier can deliver your order within two working days, and we also offer free shipping. So, just click on the Products link to place your order.  

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