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As a hand sanitizer manufacturer in Massachusetts, we are proud to be part of the manufacturing revival in the state here at Purafier. In fact, in our case, you could say that it is revival with a capital “R”. As a direct result of Covid-19, our business is growing exponentially, as you might imagine. As the old saying has it, “it’s a bad wind that blows nobody any good”.

Certainly, we had to increase our capacity massively. Up until the pandemic, we only supplied certain sectors such as healthcare, food manufacturers, and so on, who have used hand sanitizer for years. Suddenly, at the drop of a hat, everybody and his dog wanted hand sanitizer (should that be paw sanitizer?).

However, if you are looking for hand sanitizer manufacturers in Massachusetts, we can help you. We increased our production massively, and we can now supply your requirements from stock within 24 hours.

While using hand sanitizer is not yet a government requirement, it is common sense to offer it to your customers and visitors to your business, as well as your employees. Anything at all that we can do to help prevent the spread of this dreadful disease, we simply must do. However, when you supply hand sanitizer, it is yet another overhead for your business, albeit an essential one. This is why you need to buy direct from us as hand sanitizer manufacturers in Massachusetts, as opposed to buying it at retail prices.

Everyone Pays Wholesale Prices

Whether you are only a small user or need large quantities, we make no differences: if you just want one case of six bottles at 4oz or a dozen cases of 12 bottles at 8oz we charge the same prices to everyone. So you will be paying wholesale prices, not retail, no matter how many you order. We ship to all of MA, RI, CT., and NH.hand sanitizer supplier in Massachusetts

All of our hand sanitizer is manufactured to exceed WHO and CDC standards as it contains no less than 75% isopropyl alcohol and is formulated to the most rigorous standards. Our hand sanitizer will safeguard your business and your customers: offering free hand sanitizer is the way to protect your customers and your employees as well.

Purafier hand sanitizer is a non-sterile topical solution that has no dyes or fragrances added to it. Furthermore, it has none of those sticky gels that are in some hand sanitizers that take, seemingly, forever to rub your hands dry. Ours dries very quickly indeed with just a few rubs.

So when you buy your hand sanitizer from us, you are getting it at wholesale rates and you are supporting a local business as well.  

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