In Order to Keep Everyone Safe, You Need to Offer Hand Sanitizer to Visitors

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Businesses in Massachusetts need to re-open and start trading again, yet at the same time need to keep everyone safe. But how? The answer is to provide hand sanitizer to your customers, staff, and any other visitors to your business.

Restaurants, bars, cafes, and so on, all need to provide hand sanitizer to customers at the door. So does pretty much every other type of business. Even if you are an accountant working in an office, you will have visitors from time to time when your clients call to discuss their annual accounts, and you also have a secretary even if you are only a small operation. Using hand sanitizer will help to keep everybody safe. Hand sanitizer

At Purafier we are based right here in Brockton, MA, and are the leading suppliers of hand sanitizer for businesses in Massachusetts because we are not just wholesalers, but we are the actual manufacturers. That’s right: we make hand sanitizer and supply it at wholesale prices.

This is a very different kettle of fish from retail outlets who have been selling it and who promptly raised their prices when Covid-19 struck. Some retail outlets are beginning to obtain stocks again but are selling hand sanitizer at way above what it was three or four months ago.

You Need To Get A Case So That You Don’t Run Out

In any case, when you run a business, you can’t be popping out to buy a bottle here and a bottle there. You need to get a case or, depending on the type of business, half a dozen cases, so that you know that you always have plenty in stock and are not going to run out halfway through the day, or – if you are a restaurant – halfway through the evening when the shops are closed and you can’t get any until tomorrow. It is just plain common sense to make sure you always have hand sanitizer in stock.

As both manufacturers and wholesalers, at Purafier we supply hand sanitizer for businesses in Massachusetts along with, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut, at wholesale prices. Our hand sanitizer is produced to standards that exceed WHO and CDC recommendations by containing 75% isopropyl alcohol, and we provide it in cases of a dozen bottles of either 4oz or 8oz.

Purafier hand sanitizer contains no added dyes or fragrances and is quick-drying. It contains no sticky gels which some sanitizers do, and which seem to take forever to rub your hands dry. A quick drop on your hand and you can rub dry in a few seconds.

Click on the Products link at the top of the page in order to make your selection of hand sanitizer for businesses in Massachusetts. We ship within 24 working hours and at present offer free delivery.


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