It Is Difficult to Find Hand Sanitizer in Retail Stores at Present

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The run on hand sanitizer by consumers has seen retail stores run out all over New England. For example, in Boston, it is almost impossible to find any since everyone wants maximum protection from Coronavirus, and of course, that makes total sense.Hand Sanitizer in Retails

However, it is not just consumers who have bought almost every bottle that was available, but commercial demand has risen and is set to rise considerably higher. The reason for this is that restaurants and bars, for example, are beginning to re-open and they, too, need supplies of hand sanitizer.

This is not just for their customers, of course, but largely for their staff. When you have people who are handling food and drink all day and every day, you have to be certain that there is not the slightest chance of any cross-contamination. That means that their kitchen staff, bar staff, and wait staff all need to keep their hands clean constantly, and of course, that means that they will use hand sanitizer more than ever.

Up until the outbreak, many restaurants and bars didn’t use hand sanitizers at all. Certainly, they insisted that their staff washed their hands on a regular basis, but that was just with soap and water. Suddenly, they have switched to using hand sanitizer, so the demand for it has gone through the roof.

Good News on the Hand Sanitizer Front

The good news for all these restaurants, bars, hotels, food stores, takeaways, and many more businesses needing commercial hand sanitizer in New England, is that at Purafier we are working around the clock in order to produce enough of our sanitizer to keep up with demand. The even better news is that we have stocks available right now and wherever you are, we can ship commercial hand sanitizer in New England within 24 working hours.

There is some more good news too. When you buy hand sanitizer from us you are buying directly from the manufacturer and that means that you pay wholesale prices. If you buy retail – assuming that you can find any – you will pay retail prices, and we are well aware that those prices are being inflated by retailers simply because of the supply and demand situation. In one sense you can’t blame them because the prices of anything go up and down according to demand, but we are maintaining our prices on a stable basis because, as manufacturers of commercial hand sanitizer in New England, we are in it for the long term.

Simply click on the Cart link at the top of the page and choose from the 4oz bottles or the 8oz bottles. With the larger bottles, you get a further discount too!

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