It Is Good to Be Thrifty When Sourcing Hand Sanitizer

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New Englanders are known to be thrifty. In fact, it's a sort of stereotype about people in New England, but a good one. Many New England businesses are now looking for bulk hand sanitizer in Massachusetts: that is, wholesale hand sanitizer suppliers. And that would be us at Purafier.

Let’s be honest: up until a few months ago, hardly anyone used hand sanitizer. Well, not totally true, of course. Doctors and dentists used hand sanitizer. Nurses used it. Some, but not all, kitchen staff in restaurants used it. But you could more or less count on two hands the types of businesses that bought and used hand sanitizer.hand sanitizer

Today, almost every business is using hand sanitizer and in many retail outlets it is a requirement that customers use hand sanitizer upon entering.

We have to say that, at Purafier, we are not complaining! Our business has expanded exponentially almost overnight, and we have had to increase our capacity massively in order to keep up with demand. 

But as a business owner looking for bulk hand sanitizer in Massachusetts, as far as you are concerned, this is just another overhead that you could do without. Yet you have to have it.

Unfortunately, you can’t charge customers for using hand sanitizer because they would just laugh at you and shop elsewhere. So it is simply an expense. And it comes directly off your bottom line. What that means is that you need to buy your hand sanitizer as cheaply as possible – consistent with getting one of good quality and that will do the job properly.

 You Can’t Pay Retail Prices

What that also means is that you cannot buy at retail prices. That is, even if you could find some. When Covid-19 first struck, any shops that did sell hand sanitizer sold out so fast that there wasn’t any to be found anywhere. Even we were having problems, and had to ramp up our production very fast indeed. 

However, even though you may be able to find some now in retail outlets, you don’t want to pay those prices, because they are through the roof. When you order bulk hand sanitizer in Massachusetts direct from us at Purafier as the manufacturers, you pay wholesale prices rather than retail.

Not only that, we have stocks, so that your order will be shipped direct within 24 hours. 

Here’s another thing. Our hand sanitizer actually exceeds WHO and CDC standards as it contains 75% isopropyl alcohol. It kills 99.9% of all germs and it contains no added fragrances or dyes. Also, it doesn’t contain any of that sticky gel, so your hands dry very quickly.

All that, and at far less than retail. What could be better?


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