Finding a Reliable Commercial Supplier of Hand Sanitizer in MA RI NH CT

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How life has changed here in the New England states of MA RI NH and CT! If you had said to anyone six months ago that we would all be in lock down and not allowed to do a lot of the things that we always, do such as play tennis, go for a walk in the park, visit the bar, and all those things that we have been doing since time immemorial, they would have said you were “off your trolley!”Boston Massachusetts Hand Sanitizer Supplier

Today, you can’t go to the bar because it’s closed. You can’t go to a restaurant. You can’t book a flight across the country or out of the country because there are no aircraft flying. The list of things that you suddenly “can’t do” seems almost endless.

Yet, believe it or not, this will come to an end at some point. Maybe not next week, maybe not even next month, but it will all gradually start getting back to normal. Well, perhaps not “normal” but to what will be the new normal. Certainly, until we have a vaccine for this Covid-19, and that could be a fair way off.

Finding a Reliable Commercial Supplier of Hand Sanitizer

Until then, things will start to move gradually. Restaurants will start to open, and so will bars. Doctors’ offices are open for some types of patients. We will still have to keep our distance from each other and there are a number of things that have suddenly become “new normal” such as the use of hand sanitizers.

When you re-open your restaurant, your bar, your sports shop, or whatever another sort of business you run, you are going to have to use hand sanitizer in the same way as many food shops are doing at the entrance now. Your kitchen staff and wait staff will need to use sanitizer as a matter of course.

Until now, many businesses used simple soap and water to wash their hands, but you can no longer take that risk. It helps, but you need to be sure, and that means that you need reliable hand sanitizer suppliers.


That would be us at Purifier. We are not retailers of hand sanitizer. We are MANUFACTURERS. We make it. We are wholesale hand sanitizer suppliers and we are reliable.

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on buying retail. Take a look on Amazon and you will see “Out of Stock”. Even if you could find it retail, you won’t want to be paying those prices for the amount that you will be using from now onwards.

As wholesale hand sanitizer suppliers, we have increased our production rate and we are working flat out. We ship to the whole of New England, and when you order – at wholesale prices – your order will be shipped within 24 working hours and delivered to your door.

Boston MA commercial supplier hand sanitizer

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