The Demand for Hand Sanitizer Has Increased Dramatically throughout New England

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The demand for hand sanitizer in New England has gone through the roof as a result of Covid-19. If you have a consumer-facing business in Massachusetts, which is the case with most businesses, it is regarded as pretty much essential that you now provide your customers with free hand sanitizer. In fact, it is very difficult to find hand sanitizer in any retail store to buy, because those that used to sell it have sold out, and those that didn’t sell it now want to but can’t get it. New England Hand Sanitizer Supplier

Fortunately for your business, at Purafier we are manufacturers – not just wholesalers – and we can provide your business with wholesale hand sanitizer in New England. We have been working around the clock in order to try to keep up with demand and we can supply you at wholesale prices.

This is another point. Retail businesses that stocked hand sanitizer before the advent of Covid-19 promptly put up their prices in accordance with supply and demand but have now sold out. However, when they are able to get supplies again it doesn’t take an Einstein to work out what is going to happen. They will be charging sky-high prices.

Businesses Should Be Able To Get Hand Sanitizer At A Fair Price

At Purafier we believe that it is important that ALL businesses that need it should be able to get hand sanitizer at a fair price because, after all, they are giving it away to their customers for free. It is yet another overhead, and we know that it is essential to get the economy going again and get people back to work. That is why we continue to supply wholesale hand sanitizer in New England.

Certainly, some businesses have discovered that their staff have been working effectively remotely, so they may well continue to do that. It saves transport, so it helps the planet, which is another benefit.

However, there are an awful lot of businesses who cannot have their staff working remotely. If you are a manufacturer, you have to have your staff on your premises operating machines, sewing garments, or whatever it is that you do, and they cannot do that from home. Those staff have been on public transport, and touched things – cash, door handles, and so on – and you need to have hand sanitizer for them when they arrive at your business in order to keep everyone safe.

 At Purafier we will carry on providing wholesale hand sanitizer in New England because it is the right thing to do. We can supply you with quantities of 6 or 12 bottles in either 4oz or 8oz size, and we have stocks so we can ship within 24 working hours.



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