When You Offer Hand Sanitizer to Your Customers, You Need Wholesale Prices

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When you run any sort of business in CT, you cannot afford to buy things at retail prices. For instance, if you run a restaurant, you wouldn’t buy paper napkins from Walmart: you would buy in quantity from a wholesaler or manufacturer direct because that way you save a considerable amount of money. After all, Walmart buy them wholesale and add on their profit, selling them in smaller quantities. You can buy from the same wholesaler as Walmart and they will be happy to supply you.

The same applies to the vegetables and fruit that you buy if you operate a restaurant. You wouldn’t go to the local grocery store – you’d go to the market or have them delivered by another wholesaler. You might even buy direct from a farmer. Let’s face it, you could go through several sacks of potatoes in a day, whereas the average consumer probably wouldn’t use a sack in a month. It is simply common sense: the less you pay for your supplies, the more profit you make.

There are all sorts of things that you have to buy when you run a business, and some of them you can sell on for a profit, while others are simply overhead. If you run a restaurant you need clean linens and uniforms for your staff, and the cost of those is simply overhead. You can’t make a profit on that. So it is even more important to keep the cost of overheads to a minimum. 

Today, as a result of Covid-19, most businesses have yet another overhead, and that is hand sanitizer both for staff and for customers. Not many businesses used hand sanitizer until the pandemic. Some, such as doctors and dentists did, and no doubt some in food processing, but most businesses didn’t feel the need.

All That Has Changed

Today, all that has changed. It is essential to provide hand sanitizer for your staff, and in many businesses for customers as well. Unfortunately, you can’t charge your customers for it because if you do, they will simply take their business elsewhere. That means that hand sanitizer is simply another overhead, and as CT hand sanitizer suppliers for business, at Purafier we are only too well-aware of that.

We are based in Brockton, so we are just next door, and we are the actual manufacturers of hand sanitizer, so if you are looking for CT hand sanitizer suppliers for business, we can supply you at wholesale prices.

Our hand sanitizer is made to World Health Organization standards, and actually exceeds them in respect of the fact that it contains 75% isopropyl alcohol. It kills 99.9% of all known germs, and it contains no added dye or fragrances. Furthermore, it contains no sticky gels, so it is quick and easy to rub your hands dry.

So if you are looking for CT hand sanitizer suppliers for business, just click on the Products link at the bottom of the page, and be amazed at our prices. We offer free shipping too!

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