You Can’t Pay Amazon Prices for Hand Sanitizer for Your Business

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If you are running a business and you need hand sanitizer – and most businesses do today – you obviously need to pay as little as possible for it. If you operate a retail outlet, a restaurant, a hairdresser, dentist or doctor’s office, or one of many other businesses you need to be able to offer it to customers and visitors.hand sanitizer

Even if you run, say, a factory that manufactures something, you still need to offer hand sanitizer to your employees when they take a break for lunch, or even just go to inspect the plumbing.

Unfortunately, hand sanitizer is something that is now just another overhead for a business – as if there weren’t enough already. It comes directly off your bottom line, so you cannot afford to buy it at retail from some supplier on Amazon. You need to buy it at wholesale prices.

You Need To Look For Massachusetts Manufacturers

That means that you need to look for Massachusetts companies making hand sanitizer, and at Purafier that is exactly what we do. We are one of a very few Massachusetts companies making hand sanitizer, and we can supply it to you at wholesale prices rather than retail, which will save you a whole heap of money over the course of a year.

Furthermore, we have ramped up our production considerably. We had to, when Covid-19 struck. Up until then, not all that many businesses used hand sanitizer. Obviously, in the healthcare sector they always have done, as have food processing plants and some other manufacturers. But by and large, most businesses did not use it. Fast forward six months and there are hardly any businesses that do not use hand sanitizer. That means that, apart from anything else, it can still be difficult to find, and it is why you need to look for local Massachusetts companies making hand sanitizer such as ourselves.

There is no problem when you order direct from us, the manufacturers. We have sufficient stocks now that we can despatch your order within 24 hours.

Our hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of all known germs. Truth to be told, it probably kills 100%, but we can’t say that just in case there is one that we have never heard of. Our hand sanitizer exceeds both WFO and CDC recommendations, containing, as it does, no less than 75% isopropyl alcohol. Furthermore, there are no added dyes or fragrances. What is probably also a great benefit is that there are no sticky gels either. That means that when you rub your hands, they will dry very quickly instead of taking, seemingly, forever – as it does with some sanitizers.

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